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Website Design and Development

O'Track Global

O’Track Global is a provider of both application-based and web-based vehicle tracking services.

Website Design.

Falane Solutions Zambia
Falane Solutions Limited is a Zambian-owned company founded in 2019 by Ms. Aurister Chembe. Falane Solutions specialize in providing comprehensive HR and Immigration consultancy services to help organizations effectively manage their human resources and navigate the complexities of the immigration process.

Web Development

VAST Human Capital International School
VAST Human Capital International School is a  human capital development based in Zimbabwe- passionate about developing individuals, organizations, and nations through coaching and mentoring, training, and advisory interventions

User Interface Design

Delta Philanthropies UK

Delta Philanthropies is a UK-registered charity, founded by the Masiyiwa Family and governed under the UK Charity Commission.

Projects are co-created, designed, and implemented through Delta Philanthropies Trust and the Higherlife Foundation, both registered charitable organizations with operations in Zimbabwe.

Web Development & Brand Design

Global Intercessors
Is a non-denominational, nonprofit network of intercessors with a mandate to intercede for the nations.