Project Overview

O’Track Global is a provider of both application-based and web-based vehicle tracking services. Their website was outdated, lacked user-friendliness, and did not communicate their value proposition effectively. I was tasked with redesigning the website to improve the user experience, enhance brand perception, and drive conversions.


  • Outdated design: The website had a cluttered and outdated design with a confusing navigation structure.
  • Poor user experience: The website was difficult to navigate and lacked clear calls to action.
  • Ineffective communication: The website did not effectively communicate O Track Global’s value proposition and unique selling points.


I conducted a comprehensive analysis of O Track Global’s existing website and target audience. This included user research, competitor analysis, and information gathering on company goals and target audience needs.

Based on this research, I designed a new website with the following key features:

    • Modern and user-friendly design: The website was redesigned with a clean, modern aesthetic and a clear and intuitive navigation structure.
    • Improved user experience: Easy access to key information, simplified forms, and clear calls to action were implemented to improve user experience.
    • Compelling content: The website content was rewritten to be clear, concise, and engaging, effectively communicating O Track Global’s expertise and value proposition.
    • Responsive design: The website was designed to be responsive and function seamlessly across all devices.


The redesigned website resulted in significant positive outcomes, including:

  • Increased user engagement: The website saw a significant increase in time spent on site, page views, and user engagement.
  • Improved lead generation: The website generated a higher number of leads and inquiries from potential customers.
  • Enhanced brand image: The new design helped to elevate O Track Global’s brand image and position them as a leader in the logistics industry.

Key Learnings:

  • User research is crucial: Understanding user needs and pain points is essential for designing websites that are truly user-friendly and achieve desired goals.
  • Clear communication is key: Websites need to clearly communicate a company’s value proposition and what sets them apart from the competition.
  • Aesthetics matter: A well-designed website can create a positive first impression and enhance brand perception.

This case study successfully showcases my ability to identify and address user needs, design a user-centred website, and achieve positive business outcomes for clients.